"This company knows what they are doing! We were just about to spend $35000. on new windows to keep our 1930's house warm when we hired Optimal Energy to do an energy audit on our home. Highly professional and efficient, a blower door was put on and with the use of an specialized camera, they located all the air leaks in our home. In a timely fashion, we received their recommendations. Window replacement was not on the top of the list but air sealing the house, caulking, sealing leaky ducts, and putting in a vent in the attic to allow the house to breathe were first priorities. They raised our attic floor six inches and insulated underneath, put in a new gas energy efficient furnace replacing our oil tank, and suggested a tankless water heater. With all of these changes, our house has never been so warm. We never have to raise the temperature in our home and the drafts are gone. The amazing part of this is that Optimal told us we would get half of our cost reimbursed from the state. That check came in December, making the holidays that much warmer. Very professional team and they really know what they are doing. Owner of this company runs a great company that follows through with what they say, and cares about saving your energy and money as shown by a follow up phone call two months later. His team were on time, courteous, and respectful. We are saving about 400.00 per month compared to last year and figure we will break even after next winter. I would recommend this company to anyone."

Customer Review